Saturday, May 26, 2018

If You Were To Die, Would Anyone Care?

Just about all of us think about death at some point. We reach a point where we wonder about what it will be like when we are gone. I would think those who think most about this would be parents or spouses mainly because they want to make sure their spouse and/or children are taken care of. Another part is this is I think we wonder more about what people think of us than we let on. I think there is a part of us that our lives have meaning and we were meant to play a role somehow while we are here. The thought of us not being here rises questions about who will take our place doing what we do when we are gone? Anytime there is life, there is death. We all will face death at some point, which is just fact. The important question for those who believe in an afterlife and those who don't, is what are you going to do with your life while you are here? The thought for me that is scarier than death is that I did not fulfill my purpose and died without making a notable contribution to humanity.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Who Has Sex With Dogs?

The Internet can be a wonderful place at times with all of the good that can be done, such as being an avenue for creativity. At other times, it can seem as though you are surrounded by garbage. Just about every one's view on what is art or garbage will differ to some degree, but, at times, everyone will agree. Case in point, Whitney Wisconsin. For those of you who may not know, she WAS a Youtuber who is infamous for making videos talking about sex with dogs and going into detail. You read that right, sex with dogs. It has even been said that one of her last videos she posted was that if she hit a million subscribers, she would post a video of her in the act with a dog.Now we don't have to guess that if the video was to be as she claimed, it would not be online for long. The surprise is that the videos were up so long with her just talking about it. What takes this even further into the twilight zone is the fact that sex with animals/dogs is actually legal in some states. You can do a search on Youtube and find many videos with clips from her now deleted account. One of her last videos still floating around that I think was uploaded by another, non-affiliated channel, was of her obviously upset because of the negative backlash saying the stunt was the worst thing she had ever done. One of the reasons was she had obtained a part time job at Victoria's Secret and word made it's way back to trhe store manager and she fired Whitney because the image would not be good for the store. To me, one of the funniest lines in the 'sorry' video was the statement she made that when she made the video, she was 18. Just because you are of age and you have a personal belief about something about something does not mean that people are going to jump on board with it. This just goes to show that you need to think before you act because this will not go away quickly or quietly, if it goes away at all.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Overnight Success

Most everyone wants their cake and eat it too without gaining weight. Metaphorically, this will most likely not happen with of us. On the extremely rare and off chance you are in the right place at the right time, you could be getting an easy dime over a slow dollar. The point here is most of us are selfish. We are, more often then not, wanting the benefits with the least amount of effort. In the long run, though, this will not work out. Regardless of the end result, whether it is weight loss, fame, or fortune, the results will not be lasting. Rapid weight loss will result in the weight quickly coming back. Overnight success with fame and/or money will most likely end up with you being more destitute than before and the only fame you will have will be someone who couldn't handle their money. Those who work long and hard for what they get know that no one knows what tomorrow holds, so they let their money work for them. On top of this, anything can happen and you may lose the opportunity you had making money. The point is to be careful with the time, talents, and possessions you have now, because one day they could be gone.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Who Are the Idiots?

The Internet is an interesting place, to say the least. It can become even more, 'interesting', when there is potential foe someone to be scammed somehow, especially from their money. Some of this could be avoided by reading the fine print. The other by thinking a little. I began thinking about this while watching some Youtube videos about how to set up an e-commerce store. The two big ways to make money on Youtube is to monetize your videos to run ads and to have an affiliate link in the description to send people to in hopes they will buy something. In both instances, you are the creator of the content and someone pays you money to advertise for them. Usually, the affiliate links bring in a bigger cut, sometimes 70/30 or 80/20 of what is spent. This isn't the bad thing because all parties are entitled to make their money. This next part is where it gets interesting.
There are some honest videos out there inform you that there is money to be made, but that it will take some time. Rome wasn't built nor destroyed in a day. The problem is with what they insinuate and leave out. There are two things they insinuate and one thing that they leave out.
The first thing they insinuate is that your money is made by subscribers. Well, no it isn't. With ads, you money is made by how many people watch the majority of to all of the videos they watch. The more people that watch the video, the more money you make for that video. The more videos you make with a high viewer rating, the better. You will still need a thousand or two views per video to see any real money come in. Having a huge subscriber base is great for getting those high video views, but you don't get paid by subscribers.
The second thing they insinuate is you can generate huge numbers and make thousands of dollars a day in a couple of days. These types of videos are catered toward new Youtubers. The mistake new Youtubers make is they equate high subscriber number with big money. This is just simply not the case. As I have before, you make your money by high video views, and high video views on multiple videos.They also insinuate that a high subscriber base will make you money on your e-commerce store. Here again, not true. They may say, "in two days I made a thousand dollars a day." That may be true but what they are leaving out is all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into getting here. It takes time and effort to do this and it will not be overnight.
The final thing they do is make money off of you through affiliate links. Usually what happens with this is you go to a site that does affiliate links, sign up, and use a code directing people to the site and you make money off of what is spent and is usually a 80/20 split. What some have done is set up affiliate links where you get 70/20/10. You get 70%, the site gets 20%, and they get 10%. Ten percent isn't much until you get more than ten people using your code. Most people wouldn't care if they knew ahead of time, but you almost are never told. Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true, do your research. 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Who's Against Illegal Aliens?

There are more and more people entering the U.S.than ever before. There are many reasons, but most are boiled down to a better life. I would venture to say most would have no problem if the people of other countries came legally, at least more people that agree with it now. The people who are often allowed to stay who are illegal are mothers who are about to give birth. The other people who come in illegally, most of the time, do so because of lack of money or don't know how to enter legally. If language is an issue, there are programs to help the aliens to learn the language. The U.S.,for the most part, are the easiest going on enforcing immigration. Other countries aren't so easy going.
Opponents on both sides of the debate have valid arguments. The big question is how do we handle the situation? Ignorance and not knowing the language can no longer be an excuse. There are many who come legally who know the right way and who can speak at least two languages, So how do we remedy the situation?

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Stryper's New Album

Stryper has gone and done it again and caused more heads to turn with their new album God Damn Evil. I have listened to the song and I think the song holds true to their Christian message, but I think the imagery is a bit much for some to handle. We all are to be bold for what we believe in, but we all are also to flee from being a stumbling block. I think many people will find something to criticize Steyper for, and their intentions may be pure, but I think in this case, the imagery will take some getting use to. 

Friday, May 4, 2018


I was looking at two old email accounts today. One account is an old Yahoo account. I remember when Yahoo was the go to email provider. In this email account were two old emails from around 2006. There was an email from a lady I had interviewed for a website I was doing before podcasting was a thing. I had sent out a message and she had responded positively about the message. There was another email from a guy who also responded positively to the email. The two email addresses are no longer active because I have tried to get back in touch with them and the email clients say they are no longer active.
The other account is from hotmail, which is now outlook. I was on the mailing list for a band I use to listen to and who are no longer together. I was looking over the emails the band had sent and they were Christian themed. The theme of each of the letters seemed to get me thinking, and it seems they still have some strength for today.
I don't remember everything about what was going on at the time, but I do remember how I felt at the time. The emails brought some good memories back. You may not see the fruits of what you say or do now, but in time you could.