Sunday, May 20, 2018

Who's Against Illegal Aliens?

There are more and more people entering the U.S.than ever before. There are many reasons, but most are boiled down to a better life. I would venture to say most would have no problem if the people of other countries came legally, at least more people that agree with it now. The people who are often allowed to stay who are illegal are mothers who are about to give birth. The other people who come in illegally, most of the time, do so because of lack of money or don't know how to enter legally. If language is an issue, there are programs to help the aliens to learn the language. The U.S.,for the most part, are the easiest going on enforcing immigration. Other countries aren't so easy going.
Opponents on both sides of the debate have valid arguments. The big question is how do we handle the situation? Ignorance and not knowing the language can no longer be an excuse. There are many who come legally who know the right way and who can speak at least two languages, So how do we remedy the situation?

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