Monday, March 18, 2019

When it's time to forgive

There are times when we all have disagreements and arguments with people and sometimes those disagreements and arguments are even with someone that we love and care about. I, for the most part, keep emotions bottled up inside. There is also a person in my life I haven't always seen eye to eye with. With this person it seemed they were difficult to live with. Turns out they have an emotional situation that causes them to have mood swings. For so long I never gave them a break for the situation they are in and blamed them for our relationship not being what it should. Now, her health has went down hill and she is a mere shell of what she use to be. I should have forgiven her years ago, but it seems I'm willing to let go of everything now to bring her back to how she was. The point is life happens and there is noting that can bring her back to how she was. You never know how much time you or your loved ones have left, so it is always best to make the most of the time that you have.

Friday, August 3, 2018

When A Loved One Dies

When someone has just part of a soul or heart, death is never easy. Even if it is self-defense, many people would rather resolve the situation another way. We all know eventually we will have to deal with the issue of death and dying. This doesn't make the issue any easier. The deaths seemingly the hardest to take are children and people close to us, like parents, our children, and close friends. The closer the person was to us in life, the longer the sting is felt from their passing. I wish there was some way to get rid of this emptiness inside. The only thing that happens is eventually we begin to move on with the memories. At times, the memories are the only strengths that keep us going. Most people believe in some form of an Utopian afterlife while some believe the grave is the end. In either case, it would be nice to make the most of  this life for those who are left behind. The positive memories you help create and leave behind will likely be what helps those who are still here make it through. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Right to Life

In the world and society today, there are many talking about their right to choose. The biggest right to choose talked about deals with life. You hear many talking about women having the right to terminate a pregnancy, people wanting to kill themselves, and even the unnecessary killing of animals. The argument for unborn babies is when does life begin? Does it start at conception or when the baby is born? When talking about taking your own life into your own hands, some would argue no suicide is right, one should be free to choose, or it is okay when you die protecting someone. Pets, for the most part, are like children in that they will always need to be provided for. There may be some cases where animals may be killed for food or killed to protect one's self from harm. The problem with animals as food here in America is that Americans have developed bad eating habits. We eat way too much of the wrong food. This is evident in America's obesity rate. This is sending us to an early grave. This world has it's share of problems, but life definitely isn't held in high regard like it once was. Life is something to be valued and treasured and never mistreated no matter it's human or animal.   

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Death is such a morbid word. Death is also something we all think about from time to time and something we all will go through at some point. Most of us have out own views on death and, to some degree, fear death. Fear in this sense isn't afraid of death itself, but wonder how those we love and who depend on us will survive. We want to be in control and hate not being there for those who need us, such as family. There is nothing we can do to prevent death, and we definitely don't know when our time is up, but we can make the most of the time that we have now. If we make the most of the time we have now with those we care for the most, we can definitely rest assured that the memories will help get those who are grieving to a better place even though we are no longer with them here on this earth. Makr the most of what you have while you can.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Tattoos, Loud Music, and Dark Clothing

Certain lifestyles brings about certain behaviors, or does it? I think certain attitudes brings about certain behaviors. I have known people who are sleeved out with tattoos, wears black leather and listens to music that will make your ears bleed from ten miles out, who will give you the shirt off of their backs. Most people who claim to be 'fine upstanding people' would feel uncomfortable around people like this. I can understand this. If you are not use to being around people outside of your social group, it is unnerving. The thing that gets most people is when undue criticism is spoken without justification. A prime example is a certain group of people who are labeled as bad people before anyone gets to know them but base their opinions on musical taste or clothing preference. This may not be something you agree with, but it does not make the other people bad people. I think it would be nice if we could come together and ask questions and talk things out to figure out why and see if we couldn't come to some middle ground. Perhaps then the world would be a little brighter of a place.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Why Not Take the Blame?

In today's society, many people are trying harder than ever to find ways out of taking the blame for something they may have said or done wrong. Most of the people I personally know who do not believe in God often site hypocrisy as the reason behind their disbelief. More often than not, the people who say they are Christians spend their time pointing out the sins of others while doing nothing about their own sins. I do not think this proves there is no God, but what I do think is that it puts both sides of people in dangerous positions. I believe the Christians will eventually have to give an account for their hypocrisy and the non-believers will find out the true existence of their maker, neither of which will be done likely. It will be easier to admit to wrong doing and paying the price now than what it will be later. It is better to have your pride bruised now than a harsher sentence later.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

If You Were To Die, Would Anyone Care?

Just about all of us think about death at some point. We reach a point where we wonder about what it will be like when we are gone. I would think those who think most about this would be parents or spouses mainly because they want to make sure their spouse and/or children are taken care of. Another part is this is I think we wonder more about what people think of us than we let on. I think there is a part of us that our lives have meaning and we were meant to play a role somehow while we are here. The thought of us not being here rises questions about who will take our place doing what we do when we are gone? Anytime there is life, there is death. We all will face death at some point, which is just fact. The important question for those who believe in an afterlife and those who don't, is what are you going to do with your life while you are here? The thought for me that is scarier than death is that I did not fulfill my purpose and died without making a notable contribution to humanity.