Friday, May 4, 2018


I was looking at two old email accounts today. One account is an old Yahoo account. I remember when Yahoo was the go to email provider. In this email account were two old emails from around 2006. There was an email from a lady I had interviewed for a website I was doing before podcasting was a thing. I had sent out a message and she had responded positively about the message. There was another email from a guy who also responded positively to the email. The two email addresses are no longer active because I have tried to get back in touch with them and the email clients say they are no longer active.
The other account is from hotmail, which is now outlook. I was on the mailing list for a band I use to listen to and who are no longer together. I was looking over the emails the band had sent and they were Christian themed. The theme of each of the letters seemed to get me thinking, and it seems they still have some strength for today.
I don't remember everything about what was going on at the time, but I do remember how I felt at the time. The emails brought some good memories back. You may not see the fruits of what you say or do now, but in time you could.

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