Thursday, June 14, 2018

Right to Life

In the world and society today, there are many talking about their right to choose. The biggest right to choose talked about deals with life. You hear many talking about women having the right to terminate a pregnancy, people wanting to kill themselves, and even the unnecessary killing of animals. The argument for unborn babies is when does life begin? Does it start at conception or when the baby is born? When talking about taking your own life into your own hands, some would argue no suicide is right, one should be free to choose, or it is okay when you die protecting someone. Pets, for the most part, are like children in that they will always need to be provided for. There may be some cases where animals may be killed for food or killed to protect one's self from harm. The problem with animals as food here in America is that Americans have developed bad eating habits. We eat way too much of the wrong food. This is evident in America's obesity rate. This is sending us to an early grave. This world has it's share of problems, but life definitely isn't held in high regard like it once was. Life is something to be valued and treasured and never mistreated no matter it's human or animal.   

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